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TAY Time Chat: FanTAYsy Life Edition

Warning: Minor Fantasy Life Spoilers. So we’re gonna mix it up a bit with today’s TAY Time. Recently I finished Fantasy Life’s main story. I was a bit somber that such a silly little tale had finally come to an end, but it also made me think of all of the colorful characters we have here on TAY! I started matching up Fantasy Life characters with some of our more frequent posters, and here were a few examples I came up with:


Zarnyx - Yuelia

Pretty sassy, but always caring and wanting to help people. Zarnyx and Yuelia were a pretty easy match. They both can’t resist terrible one liners, and getting caught in hilariously silly situations. Maybe a little scatterbrained at times, but their thirst for knowledge, friendship, and universal understanding is second to none.


Swan - Noelia

In the same manner, it was easy to link up Swan and Noelia as well. On the outside: crass, direct and to the point, and a touch demanding. On the inside: Caring, empathetic, and protective of family.


Plus, ya know, the familial relationship between Z & Swan. Again, easy simile.


Nach - Porthos

I haven’t played the Life of a Chef yet, so perhaps there’s a better metaphor than Porthos, but I can still see Nach filling this delightful role. Cheeky with jokes, and on a never ending quest for delicious (and free!) food, Porthos is happy to defend the realm with his paladin comrades if it means a Chef is safe to cook him another delicious meaty dish.


Question/Game of the Day:

Assign a poster from TAY a character from a game! Be more creative than me, have fun with it! It doesn’t have to be Fantasy Life at all, but if you happen to think of someone from that, hey, go for it!


Oh and someone assign Nach Kirby because we all know that’s gonna happen.

Have fun TAY!

Some Fantasy Jams of the Day:

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