Look it's Monday, but it's a special Monday, or maybe it isn't. Bleh... just don't read this opening line and jump to the main event...

Good afternoon TAY ^^ Hope you all had a great weekend, I had a busy but pretty awesome weekend, managed to get a lot of errands done so I took the day off today :3 Yesterday, like every Sunday, I spent the evening at my aunt's house for dinner. The tradition is that each one of us brings something to share, and well I know these peeps love chocolate, and they love cake... and you all know how much I love chocolate and baking cakes. But I was tired... and didn't feel like working hard for a nice and moist chocolate cake, so I went with the alternate version... and prepared some brownies, topped them with fresh raspberries, four fruits jam and.... shaved white chocolate. I know what a crime! But those peeps love all those things I dislike (including the brownies). Nevertheless they loved the dessert it lasted less than 20mins after I took it out of the oven, I managed to salvage the crumbles and a small piece that fell of when transferring from the pan to the plate... those savages!


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