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TAY Time Chat - First Figure and Forum Freedom

After months and months of delays, I was greeted by a really nice surprise last week when I heard that my order had finally gone through with AmiAmi. I’d never ordered anything from Japan before—much less something like this, so I wasn’t entirely certain what I was going to be expecting in terms of the delays and wait and shipping time and everything. But a few days later, and it finally came in!


The thing is, it’s a figma, so I’m totally at a loss on what to like... do with it. It takes up a bit more space because, as you can see, the stand for this one almost requires it to be left in the back behind the figure. Maybe I’m doing something horribly wrong. I’m still new to this—I don’t even know what to do with all the replacement parts it came with.

Regardless, it’s kind of cool, and I’m definitely going to keep it around for a while.

Moving right along, I need someone to take over the Tuesday TAY Time Chat for me. It’s pretty nice, since you get to talk about new releases for that week (as they usually come out on Tuesdays). If you’d like to host the chat, just let me know. I’ll run it all by Nach to make sure he doesn’t have a cosmic plan for those days or something.


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Thanks everyone! Feel free to talk amongst yourselves and be sure to check out some of TAY’s other great features:

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