I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Afternoon ladies and gents of TAY, this TTC is brought to you by Meathead, the guy of many avatars.


First one of the forums that I’ve hosted so please be gentle with me! While on the topic of firsts this week has been filled with them. I stepped up into a management spot at work so it’s been new things flung at me left and right all week. But in a good way, it’s helping to keep work less boring. On the flipside, it has been quite exhausting, and making this holiday season much more stressful than they normally would be.

With all that said the topic today will be to tell about a first time. Could be anything, old, new, first day at a job, first time with a game series, or... that first time.


Or you could always ignore me and just talk about whatever you like.

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