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TAY Time Chat: Football X2, TV, TEA! Hells yeah!

Welcome everyone, to a revamped version of Football TAY Time Chat, well this is not going to be just about football as you can see we have some other chat about a small rant by me on how not to finish a TV series, some video games reviews, music, Kevin Spacey! WOOF! it's a packed Chat today...

Dexter... where to begin on the bloody mess we had this week? We are talking about a series of a Serial Killer, so the premise of the show is already a bit dark, cause for many years we have rooted for this guy to always solve any problem he got into? But this last season has been dreadful, inconsistent as hell, the writers have no idea what to do with the characters, the plot has been a rehash of other plots previously visited by the show, so why do I keep watching it? Well with just one episode left, I guess they can't make it worse... they should consult Vince Gilligan of Breaking Bad for some orientation...


News Round Up!

Nach's Song of the Day!


Oh... how I wish to make a montage of Max Payne best scenes to the rhythm of Fly Me To Brazil by The Pinker Tones.

Recommended View.

Kevin Spacey reminds us why he's Kevin Spacey.

And with that I'm off for today, be sure to return tomorrow where Astro will be back to entertain us with her take of TAY Time Chat ^.^ also be sure to check Monday Brunch and the Off-TAYpic discussion (strangely absent today... oh well go check the Open Forum by Morie, or the one where she expresses her love for Persona 4) in TAY Classic.


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