I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I’m having a big block of forgetfulness for about a week now. Unfortunately its starting to cause some issues...like how I forgot to write up TAY ahead of time (in addition to previously mentioned procrastination).

The biggest issue is probably at my work. We have one key between 4 of us and sometimes someone accidentally pockets it and takes it home. Honestly? its no big deal really, just remember to bring it back, we’ve got a spare normally reserved for the cleaning crew we hire so its not a problem. However its gotten very cold recently. Normally when I go make sure nothing has blown up on the property (actually not as ridiculous as that may seem) I wrap the cord the key is on, around my hand. But now because I’m shoving my hand in my pocket so it doesn’t freeze off, the key ends up in my pocket. I’ve done it twice now, and the second time I drove back to work because I felt so bad about doing it twice in less than a week.


Question of The Day: What have you forgotten recently and or repeatedly?

Song of the Day: I can’t remember which one I wanted to use, so today everyone supply their favorite song

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