Hello there TAY, nope this is not a mistake, I'm not impersonating TAY's #1 Patoot, Neryl, she actually had some issues with her ISP and asked me to cover for her today.

Anyway I just had the weirdest dream... (well it was last night, but I'm writing this as soon as I woke up) in this dream I bumped up with an old friend of mine, someone I dearly appreciate but for some strange reason have not talked to in over two years. After I woke up I kept wondering about her whereabouts and if she's doing okay, but since I don't meander around Facebook, I guess I will never know about her well-being ^^;

Anyway if you have a friend you haven't talked to in the last year... go and give them a call (or message them... or whatever you kids do nowadays!), they will appreciatethe gesture.

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