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TAY Time Chat: Found My Ring Edition

So I had lost my great-grandfather’s family ring for a few weeks, and while no-one was holding it against me I felt like the smallest of level 1 gobbos for misplacing it.

Lo and behold, for destiny spared me, as it randomly turned up one day admist some spare bed sheets. Why it was laying there, innocent and abandoned I still haven’t been able to resolve. Perhaps it has a mind of it’s own? Perhaps it was seeking out a more worthy host? Regardless, it has returned to my possession, and I am much more determined to never lose sight of it.


Question of the Day:

Any family heirlooms, gaming items, or possessions you just would want to strangle yourself for losing? Have you lost them? DID YOU FIND IT YET? Try searching in your spare bed sheets, worked for me. As always, feel free to Talk Amongst Yourselves.

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