I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Bonjour TAY and welcome to another Monday TAY Time Chat, where we discuss the importance of being Furby.


Did anyone watch that sportsball thing last night? Man that was some amazing sportsball going on! Lots of hugging and sportsball passing going on! Man, never thought I’d see a horse kill a panther though.

For those of you not on the sportsball loop, how was that weekend? I know I was confused as to what to do all weekend. Friday was cramming a paper and quiz just before midnight while Saturday was a day full of nothing while wanting to do something. Ended up just watching TV and playing games which was nice.


Speaking of games, anyone else joining in the 4 in February fun? I know Nach, Elihu, and TGRIP are so I figured I throw my hat into the ring. Truth be told, I don’t even remember if I participated last year!

But for this time around, I am going to give it a shot with these four:

  • That Dragon, Cancer
  • Bastion (Vita)
  • Metroid: Other M
  • Unraveled OR The Last of Us

Hopefully I have the time to get these done with classes and other life things filling in. Wish me luck, and good luck to my fellow 4-mates!


So that’s it TAY. Feel free to talk sportsball, 4 in February, or just TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES!!!

Song(s) of the Day:

Tommy heavenly6 - Paper Moon

Incubus - Stellar

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