I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Not the first time you've heard me complain about going to Miami... and not the last one ^^ After all it's TAY Time Chat!

Hello wonderful people of the internet! It's Friday! Cheer up! Think of all the things you won't have to do until Monday! Not me.. I will probably spend my weekend doing routinary trips down to Miami :3 looking at the bright side, I might have the chance to feast on some gourmet plates...



News Round Up!

Today's Super Shuffle will be substituted by a freshly-picked selection of songs by yours truly ^^

A Bossa Nova É Foda by Caetano Veloso

Gracia Divina by Celia Cruz

Joshua by Miles Davis

Birdy by 22 Pistepirkko

Sunday Morning by The Velvet Underground

Thanks everyone! Feel free to talk amongst yourselves and be sure to check out some of TAY's other great features:


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