These last couple of weeks aren't going so great, TAY. Maybe it's just the type of media that I'm consuming, but these last couple of weeks have been absolutely filled with bad news. From the disturbing domestic violence cases to tragic deaths, nothing really seems to be going that well in the world anymore. Needless to say, it's been quite a while since I've gone to a news site and left with a smile on my face. This last half of the year is off to an incredibly shaky start.

I think it's time that we inject some much needed humor into our news, yeah? Let's just skip the real news for today and go straight to some parody articles.

Parody Article Round-Up:

Song of the Day:

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P.S. - I caught up on Korra last night, despite the last episode taking me two hours to load from terrible internet. That was uh... unexpected.


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