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TAY Time Chat: From Software Forgot One Tiny Little Thing

So here I was, going about my week all innocent like, with plenty to look forward too. New hearthstone set coming out, finally decided what deck I wanted to play in magic (till my roommates reacted with all the enthusiams of filing taxes, now I’m rethinking buying in to R/G Goggles ramp).

Then I found myself reading a peculiar topic on the dark souls 3 reddit about the Poise stat...and the mounting evidence on how From Software forgot to actually turn it on.


“Oh...so that’s why my new favorite build i discovered from replaying 1, the Heavy Armor YOLO Swag Claymore strat, has no swag and disproven YOLO”

For the uninformed, Poise is basically your resistance to flinching (and thus interrupting any action you were taking) when hit (some weapons have a 2nd form of hyper armor though in case you think poise has worked for you). With armor damage reduction being shit by design, Poise is really the only assurance slow, tanky characters have at creating a favorable environment for their big weapons (pre-emptive attacks are key but this safeguards against the fact that you can’t always be perfect).

So until something about it is fixed, I’ll be spending my time in DS3 watching my big metal armor guy get bounced around by rats and hollows with piddly daggers like a cheap hooker at a frat party.

Question of the day: When’s the last time you or someone else forgot one “tiny” little detail? Or if you’ve got the memory of an elephant, create your own topic below

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