This is the inside of my mailbox today at 4PM... Do you notice anything out of the ordinary, TAY?

If there's one thing more disappointing than Sonic Boom, is Game Fly's slower than a Sanic mailing service... today's the 4th day since they said they sent the copy of the game. Four days of my free trial have gone to waste! Ugh look at all the money I have not spent fly away! Worst $0.00 spent ever! But seriously, it has taken them longer than I expected since their central is in Tampa, a city that is only 3 hours away from my house, and coincidentally the interstate that goes to Tampa goes right over my house ^^ Yes TAY I live under a causeway!


News Round Up!

(Courtesy of a Swan and Z)

Super Shuffle Jazz Edition!

Boogie Stop Shuffle by Charles Mingus

Mack the Knife by SOIL&"PIMP"SESSIONS

Fuller Love by Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers

A Night In Tunisia by Miles Davis & Charlie Parker

That's it for today, Thanks everyone and have a great weekend! Feel free to talk 'mongst ourselves and be sure to check out some of TAY's other great features: