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TAY, I’m the worst at keeping my priorities straight and wrapping up responsibilities in a timely manner. If I don’t get my act straight soon, I may leave a whole lot of people sadder than a 1% wipe on the Lich King’s Raid.

So recently, for those of you who aren’t aware, I lost my voice and got a nasty head-cold/ear-infection wombo-combo. I am happy to admit that I have since fully recovered, but it threw any and all plans of streaming, recording, let alone breathing properly, out the window. As a result of said sickness, when my multiple friends of yore decided to start playing World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, I jumped on-board immediately.


Upside, I’m having a blast. Playing a healer for the first time in a long time is a nice change of pace, and I’ve always been a massive fan of Northrend and it’s story-lines.

Downside, holy crap I haven’t done any Christmas shopping!! I keep on not doing that in favor of just hanging with my friends in Azeroth. IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN, GAH. I really need to buy my TAY Secret Santa gifts today or I’m going to feel like a massive douchelord if they’re late. Not to mention my family, friends, and significant other.

Then again I did pay my bills ahead of time, and I put a nice fat stack of cash down on my student loans yesterday... so at least I’m able to #adulting a bit.

Anyways, WoW is fun and all, but it’s massively cramping my other priorities, so I need to refocus and get my act together. That and, you know, Pillars of Eternity and Fallout 4 and three different Tales games aren’t going to play themselves. Thanks for the backlog reminder this morning Z.


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WHO HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN TO SHOP FOR?! Or alternatively, if you actually have your stuff taken care of... what are you wasting time enjoying these days?!


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