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I'm really feeling it!
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TAY Time Chat: Gaming Is Good, Edition

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So yesterday I took the day off to get a personalized tour of the Riley Children’s Hospital. I had been invited by a representative of the Children’s Miracle Network and Riley’s Special Projects Coordinator. Evidently raising money for charity via video games has its perks! Leading up to the tour I was super nervous, as I really didn’t know what to expect. The minute I walked inside the Outpatient Center though, I was really awe-inspired. The sheer depth of detail they go towards making kids feel comfortable and “not at a hospital” is amazing. Like, putting light prisms in walls at children’s height level, turning their hospital carts into red wagons, or making sure no counter-top is too tall for a child amazing.


I felt like such a minor drop in the bucket, only having raised a little under $2,000 this year, and yet here they are trying to solicit $53 million in order to build a new center for mothers and newborns. All I had done was play some League of Legends, Hearthstone, and random other games in an effort to entertain people. These people are working towards curing pediatric diseases and saving lives. Needless to say I gained a new-found sense of purpose in raising money for them, having tangible goals for what I’m helping achieve is a big plus. Maybe one day I’ll figure out some sort of sponsorship program so I can partner with a patient there.

On the flip-side, that also meant I had all day to do nothing but game and fund-raise. Overall, it was a success, we raised a little over $150, but I discovered I’m starting to get burnt out on League, which has it’s ups and downs. The positives involve being able to actually play, and fully complete, other games (King’s Quest & Shadowrun: Hong Kong!). I’m having loads of fun enjoying games that I otherwise wouldn’t have time to play, and for the most part my Twitch audience seems to be enjoying some of the variety. The downside is my YouTube content is almost solely based off of League, and while I can upload other stuff, I know there’s an expectation for more LoL content. It’s tough, trying to strike the balance between “what do I want to do” and “what makes my audience happy”. I think that’s a question I’ll never fully find an answer to.


Oh well, at least Wednesday was a really rad “Sunday”. Can’t complain about being welcomed to a personalized tour of an amazing organization, afterwards gaming all day, going to work today and tomorrow, and then suddenly having another three day weekend.

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YO, three day weekend comin’ atcha! What are you going to play? Are you going to nail out that backlog or rock something new?! Find an interesting hit recently that’s got you snagged up and invested?

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