I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY Time Chat: Glitchy Monday

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Giant Yoshi?! Welcome to the glitchiest TAY Time Chat EVER!

Hello internet welcome back to another week... and another five days of endless ranting ^^ Let's cut to the chase, yesterday I was doing my daily routine of kicking butts and taking names in SSB for the 3DS, when I encountered a Wario player... but this one was not like any other fight I've had against Wario, there was something special about the player on the other side of the connection. This Wario could fly all over the screen nonchalantly!

Around the 1.15 and the 1.35 mark you'll notice when the glitch occurs. It's a weird momentum glitch where only Wario can control the direction of his flight once launched. The best part is that the can be easily triggered by holding up and slightly to the left or right as soon as you're launched into the air >.< So yeah fellow TAYers, consider this a PSA, if you encounter a Wario while playing Smash, expect him to fly like a jet plane around the screen...


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