Last week I talked about how waking up really really sucks for me. Now let us flip the script and talk about how trying to get to sleep really really sucks for me. I just can’t win. Inability to get comfy in my bed (i’ve resorted to sleeping on a diagonal in the bed) comfy on either side. Then there’s the fact that the brain just doesn’t shut off. Sometimes its common adult life worries, sometimes it’s really stupid shit (like running down what I still need to do to 100% Borderlands 2...hint, its a lot). It seems to have gotten worse in the last few months. Working graveyard living with two people who don’t, and one on summer vacation, doesn’t help. Neither does little kitty Yennifer thinking toes just make the GREATEST chew toys.

But in the last few days I’ve taken steps to try and remedy the situation. Now for my morning before bed meal I have a cup of warm herbal sleep aid tea, hit with a shot of honey. In addition I use some soothing sound asmr type videos while i do my morning site checks. It seems to be working, i slept almost 10 hours yesterday.

Today’s Question: Do you have trouble getting to sleep? What methods do you use to help get to sleep?

This post was written and set to go up using kinja’s nifty little scheduling program because to be honest, I kinda hope I’m still asleep when this normally gets posted.