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Pokemon, what can be said about this game that hasn't been said before?

Well I know there are few around here that are new to the series and with the upcoming game coming up there are a lot of topics we could review. Pokemon is a very versatile game, regarding on the ways of playing it: Breeders, Trainers, EV trainers, or just being casual (which won't get you very far in the Main Quest).

I for I, prefer combining a bit of the competitive side of the game with breeding. EV training is a huge aspect of the game and can offer a great advantage while on the battle grounds, EV training is basically training for stats, each Pokemon has Six stats, HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed. Each Pokemon will be more adamant on developing certain stats over others, but there is a way to modify how much effort goes into each stat, just like when going to the gym (in real life, not Pokemon gyms!), as in the amount of effort you can give to certain body parts over others. You have a certain amount of Effort Values or EV to give to a Pokemon per level, and eventually those effects will be more noticeable the higher the level of your Pokemon is.

Notice how the Attack and Speed stats vary between an pokemon that was trained with the EV in mind compared to a regular trained Pokemon.

For example fighting a Zubat will give you 1 effort point in the Speed stat, so continuously fighting Zubats will render your pokemon faster, making him/her shine on that stat, now the catch here is that every stat has a limit on how many Effort points it can take, so it's not always good to exploit just one stat, but preferably two of them. It's a bit more complicated than this but that's the basics of EV training.


As for Pokemon breeding... I will explain that on a future TTC ;)

News Round Up!


Did you know there's a theory that claims that Gengar and Clefable are the same pokemon, the former being the shadow of the later, based on physical similarities and the original entry of Gengar in Pokemon Red/Blue claiming that Gengar is a Shadow Pokemon.

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