I'm really feeling it!

Hey TAY, Good afternoon ^^; welcome back to TAY Time Chat, or the TAY column where one of the hosts can't stop talking about food... oh btw that's the Triple Flurry of Flavours trademarked by Nach :3

Today has been quite the busy day, I've spent most of my journée in the kitchen frying or baking food, trying new recipes and putting my twist on them since I suck at following instructions, like the cookies up there... they should have chocolate but meh I just punched an indentation and filled them with cream cheese and different jams... from the closest to furthest you have Blueberry, raspberry, cranberry & blackberry, Blackberry, and the last one is Guava :3

My question for all my fellow poTAYtoes out there is: Have you ever tried a recipe only to ditch it and do whatever you please with the ingredients?


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