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TAY Time Chat - Grateful but Suspicious

Square Enix is trying to get in everyone’s favor, apparently. Not only are they releasing patches to Final Fantaxy XV: Episode Duscae, one of which will make the game far more playable and add in a new quest, but they’re also putting out a patch for Final Fantasy: Type-0 today that’s going to reduce motion blur on consoles.

I’m fully expecting them to announce at E3 next week that they accidentally ran over a bag of kittens and did all of this to alleviate their guilt.


I can’t complain, though, and neither can those kittens. This is wonderful for me. Assuming I can pull myself away from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle, I was considering starting up Type-0 again once I was finished with Resident Evil: Revelations 2 in my gaming time. This just gives me an extra incentive to come back to it. Let’s face it, that motion blur was just all kinds of janky. I didn’t get sick from it like a lot of other people reportedly have, but it definitely wasn’t pleasant to try to cope with.

You know what else isn’t pleasant to cope with? Rambling. So on to the news!

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