Hi, TAY! I left class a little early to swing by home and grab my laptop power cable. To be honest, I made an active decision to not bring it with me this morning, thinking it had been charging all night and I wouldn't need to worry about the battery life. As soon as I got to my editing class, though, I saw that I only had 18% battery life left for about 7 more hours of use. So that wasn't happening.

Currently, I'm just sitting here for now charging it up before heading back in for my next class. And yes, I'll bring the cord with me this time. I could be reviewing some of my material for exams that are coming up, but... for some reason I'm just kind of putting things off this semester. Except for reading—I'm stupidly far ahead on some of my reading lists. Plus, someone has to do the shift today! And it certainly isn't going to be Nach. In fact, I'm going to post this a minute before the regular TAY Time Chat goes up, just to usurp him if he tries to cover for me today.


Long story short, I believed in a laptop and it failed me. I'm home now fixing its failure. Yes, the laptop's failure. Not mine. Never. But yeah, if you aren't too busy hunting monsters or staring at the moon, how about you read some of these articles?

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