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TAY Time Chat: I Flipped A Jace And I Liked it (My Roommate Did Mind It)

I am way too proud of myself for making a Katy Perry reference

I jumped back in to Magic last week, joining my friend at the FNM scene with U/R Fevered Visions. In order to keep it budget friendly with rotation on the horizon I borrowed the Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy(s) from my roommate


The best part was flipping Jace in to his planeswalker side, getting a burn spell back from my graveyard, and slamming it in to said roommates dick for the win, and showing him the brutality of being hoisted by ones own petard. That’s what the piece of shit gets for running Mono-Blue Prison.

Todays Question: When’s the last time you or your friends have seeded the fruits of your own destruction?

As always feel free to start your own topics down below.

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