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I'm really feeling it!

TAY Time Chat: I Forgot A Purchase? Edition

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So, somehow I managed to completely forget I bought Paper Mario: Sticker Star. LadyRer was rifling through assorted stuff in my office when she found this and slapped it down onto my desk. She’d found it humorous that I had somehow forgotten I’d even purchased a game from one of my favorite series of all time (even if, according to fellow TAYer Nach, it’s not very good). Especially considering that Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam comes out just before my birthday, and I’ve been jumping up and down in anticipation for it. So now here I am, with a mighty built up backlog that I’m slowly whittling down, alongside a new acquisition that I completely forgot about. I may have to blitzkrieg before Paper Jam comes out, otherwise I fear it will be forgotten to the void known as the office closet once more!

Question of the Week:

Has anyone else just totally forgot they purchased a game? I mean sure, seeing the constant reminder of a $2 Tomb Raider purchase in Steam is one thing, but I’m talking like physical copy of a game that you chose to spend money on, and then just didn’t even open or use. I can’t say I’ve ever done this before.


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