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TAY Time Chat: I Survived Steam Sales Edition

Alrighty guys, I was pretty good about the sale this year. For the most part, I actually just actively ignored it’s existence, not wanting to be swallowed whole by the void that would be left in my wallet from such delicious tempting treats.

In the end however, a few friends, and TotalBiscuit’s recommendation video, swayed me into purchasing Wolfenstein: New Order and Endless Legend.


I know for a fact I won’t be touching Wolfenstein for many months, but $10 felt like a really fair price for a game that (I’ve heard) is surprisingly great. It will just be another potential fun weekend game, or maybe a 1-off stream night to enjoy.

Endless Legend... man, this is a serious 4X game. In only a few days I already feel like I’ve got my money’s worth, and I’ve just barely scratched the surface of what this game has to offer. I totally get why Kotaku, and reviewers like Rowan Kaiser really dig the game. It has a wonderful score that I’m continually enjoying while playing. There are a good heft of economic/science/production strategies that are right on the edge of being too overbearing, but it makes it so that you can really adapt to various situations and hone in your own specific playstyle. Add to that a solid combat system, the ability to customize your armies with gear and various status effects, and a dynamic quest system, and you’ve got yourself a really great gem for $10. Hell, I’m tempted to buy all of the DLC before the sale ends, just so I can experience the extra factions and game-play changes. I’ve played a few Endless games before, but this one probably takes the cake as my favorite. I might even have to write a late TAY Review!

Question of the Day:

How are your wallets? Did you survive the Steam Sale for the most part? Any thoughts on the changes, no more flash sales, etc? Any recommendations for friends or fellow TAYers to consider?


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