Good afternoon TAYter Tots & Totettes (and furbys too)! Welcome to TAY Time Chat! I'm tired I wish the image to the left could happen... but instead of beer I want cookies! I decided to prepare meals all day to have food for the rest of the week, but in the process I stumbled upon no ingredients in the fridge, so I had to go to the supermarket and when I came back to the house I remembered my brother made a mess of the oven last night and I had to clean it...

I also had to go to Ikea...

News Round Up!

Anything can happen in S. Florida... anything from people falling from rooftops, or people falling out of private planes...

An interesting article on how video games are influencing films, a nice change of pace to the usual trend.

Japan's 'monkey runner' breaks four-legged sprint record, yes... four legged sprint race.


No song of the week cause Youtube is in a funk for me!


Well! That's it from me! I'm baking some cookies, so every 15 mins I have to go to the oven, it's going to be awesome. Not awesome but fabulous is Fyst's Off - TAY pic for today in TAY Classic, you should also check my adventures in NYC as narrated by Zarnyx. Ohh and don't forget our amazing Ultra Hyper Turbo TAY Secret Santa Throwdown 2013 Thanks GBD and Zarnyx for organizing it ^.^


Cookies for Everyone! :3