Hey TAY! Sorry this is late, throwing up words onto my screen now in an effort to get a post out to you all. This week has gone from insanely busy on Tuesday to make up for MLK Jr. Day to a nice coasting week of minimal work and a nice broad amount of new team members to help share the load.

Except now that’s all being thrown out the window as my boss’s boss is now requesting I move products again to help facilitate high traffic on this other product, again. It it may be temporary, even for just a week, but it completely throws me out of my groove.

Imagine you’re working with a series of clients to build a Lego Eiffel Tower, and then magically one day you’re told to keep doing that, and also work with an entirely new group of people to build the Arc de Triumph, but only temporarily, and then go back to building just the Eiffel Tower again. It’s just super stressful and not something I need on my mind right now. Not to mention that we were supposed to have an official meeting/request on it today, but that was pushed back, so now I get to stew on it all night. Joy, now I get to spend the entire next 24 hours thinking of how I’m going to tell my boss’s boss “no”, because that’ll go over well.

Goddamnit, at least I’ve got a birthday coming up soon... that I forgot to ask for the day off for.



Question of the Week:

Does your job force you to swap roles a lot? How do you adjust to that? Do you ever stand up for yourself and put your foot down, saying “I was hired to do X, and I don’t want to do Y?” If so, how’d it go? Do you regret saying anything, or regret not saying anything? Apologies that this one isn’t gaming related.


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