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TAY Time Chat: Is It Here Yet?

I ordered a fancy new monitor because I realized I may be slightly wasting the power of my 980 by outputting to a sub $200 tv. So now I’m sitting here patiently awaiting its arrival. Oh sure it’s not scheduled to be in till Thursday, but you never know, it could get here early...maybe it’ll be here early...is it here? Why isn’t it here yet? Maybe I should go check, you all occupy yourselves while I go check.

...It’s not here yet :’(.....maybe I should go check again.

Today’s Question: Are you currently waiting on a package. If not, how many PO workers or receptionists (if you live in apt/college) have you made question your sanity over deliveries?


I’m pretty sure the front desk of my dorm in college had a picture of me saying “Tell this man to chill the fuck out, he’ll get it when its ready”.

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