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TAY Time Chat: It's a revolution for peace, but guns are required!

Oh... wait is it Monday already? Bleck... okay let me check the news!

Good afternoon everybody, welcome to a super special edition of TAY Time Chat, why is it special, ermm... because I say so! So I'm about to finish Bioshock Infinite, and you know what I really love about that game? The Title Screen, I can sit there and listen to Jesse Carolina sing for hours! And it's kinda cool how the song is relevant to the events in the game.


News Round Up!

Nach's Song of the Day

A different version of After You've Gone by Hugh Laurie and Dr. John

Update on the Revolution Magica!

Seriously... all they want is peace, by blowing a hole in your head!

The weekend has gone and we had an international "Show your Support for Venezuela" day, which is exactly that, Venezuelans all over the world uploaded pictures of their rallies, banners, flags,etc. It was corny as hell, but just like a good bard song it raised our spirits! Today was the day of "Operation Shutdown" where all the cities of the country were blocked including Highways and major avenues, not the brightest idea, but it pisses off the poor bastards in the government!


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