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TAY Time Chat: It's Always Sunny in S. Florida*

* It's Always Cloudy/Rainy in S. Florida

Ahh... one of the funniest shows in recent time has just broken the 10th season barrier, and what a great season opener to remind us that the gang won't ever change. If you haven't seen Sunny before, I recommend to get on your computer thingamajiggy and catch up on the show, all 9 seasons are available on Netflix. It's a funny, vulgar but, strangely enough clever, at least more than your run-of-the-mill sitcom out there could throw at you.


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Songs of the Day

A showcase of songs from the music conglomerate lead by Yemenite, Ravid Kahalani, Yemen Blues. The first one being a live iteration of Trape le Verite, followed by the more upbeat studio version of Eli and ending with the sumptuously latin-inspired At Va'ani.

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