I'm really feeling it!

TAY Time Chat: It's Monday (!) and Tuesday for some of our readers overseas... Ha! Who am I kidding no one reads this!

Hello everyone and Welcome to TAY Time Chat Monday! (formerly known as Football Edition) How did your weekend go? Got any adventures or just spent these last couple of days relaxing at home? Me?! (oh I'm flattered you asked!) I went for the later, stood at home cooked a little, prepared a new drink that I will share with you on Friday and umm that's about it...

Ah yes! Dexter WOOF! What an ending it was like watching something horrible happen in slow motion...

Such a sad and messy tragedy... I'm glad it's finally over!

News Round Up!

Due to Kinja messing up everything this is going to be just a copypasta of the titles of the original news, sorry guys! =/


Nach's Song of the Day!

Que Onda Guero from by the one and only Beck!

Well I'm off to eat some ice cream or something! In the meantime why don't you visit Astro at her Monday Brunch Effed Up Edition!(she'll be back tomorrow around 5PM to host TAY Time Chat) Or wish Morie (and DocSeuss... and Nintendo too!) a Happy Birthday on today's Open Forum! YAY! Ta-ra guys! and then you can visit The Off-TAYPic by Sylverfyst in TAY Classic to get some sweet cold treats or is it cold sweet treats?!


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