Sometimes, a story can sound really stupid. So stupid, you're flabbergast as to who could conceive such an idea. Then you look at the pictures, and it seems to only reinforce your opinion. But despite the fact that every fiber in your body telling you "This look and sound dumb.", you gave it a shot. Turns out it's way better than you thought. Who would have thunk?

Welcome to Wednesday TAY Time Chat. We are on the eve of yet another Thorsday. How's everyone week so far? If it's terrible, you're half way there. So don't despair.

And what's everyone playing right now? (PS: MGSV: Ground Zeroes truly feels next gen and the experience is amazing!)

And now for your evening news:

And thanks to MGSV:GZ, this song is stuck in my head, so I love to share this with my fellow denizens of TAY. =D

One more note before you go, make sure you use the code PAYPAL15 on GameStop to save 15% on all items (yes, it works on preorders) with the usual exclusions on hardwares.