So today for two hours, my software for talking with incoming clients was eerily... quiet. Being the natural top performing employee that I am, I totally didn’t question it. Eventually management caught on and was like “Hey, soooo, you guys noticing a lack of incoming volume?”

I figured after two hours of effectively getting caught up on work (and then subsequently playing Hearthstone researching more information for follow up cases), I should assist in figuring out what was going on. Sure enough, our website was having connectivity issues.

Ironically, I had already sent out an email to our SOS line letting them know of a similar issue from this morning, which was promptly rejected. Only took multiple managers from HQ being unable to connect, and subsequently getting on them, and suddenly “Oh goodness we see this is a problem, we’re on it!” Ahhh corporate culture, I do so very much despise love you.

Here’s some cool stuff from TAY Today:

Question/Scenario of the Day:

Ever notice when something is steadily just going to shit, either in real life or in a game? Do you immediately intervene, casually enjoy the shit-show, or just straight up watch the world burn? Not gonna lie, sometimes just watching everything crumble around me as my little sandcastle of effort stays intact is satisfying. It could be worse, I could be throwing grenades out of windows.


Your Yea, No, I’m Totally Putting In A Ton of Effort Song of the Day: