I'm really feeling it!

TAY Time Chat: It's Time to Brawl!

Oh boy oh boy! today is a special day, after six months I'm playing again SSB with some friends, I'm probably rusty as a leaky pipe, but I'm excited about kicking some bottoms with Ness ^.^

News Round Up!


Nach's Album for the Weekend!

Nintendo's 2003 concert Mario & Zelda Big Band Live! One of my favorite tracks is the Cuban Salsa take on SMB3 ending theme.

Nach's Drink for the Weekend!



So yeah I'm too busy today to make drinks =/ so why don't you have a beer on me ^.^ this is my choice for today =) what are your favorite beers?

With that said I'm off! Have a great weekend people ^.^

Need more entertainment for your weekend? Visit TAY Classic, to quench your craving for a strong cocktail beer (?)! Check out the Open Forum too, cause we talk just about anything, and Miss DamsonRhee has done an excellent job on them =). There's also the Off-TAYpic by the fabulous Sylverfyst.


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