Oh boy oh boy! today is a special day, after six months I'm playing again SSB with some friends, I'm probably rusty as a leaky pipe, but I'm excited about kicking some bottoms with Ness ^.^

News Round Up!

Nach's Album for the Weekend!

Nintendo's 2003 concert Mario & Zelda Big Band Live! One of my favorite tracks is the Cuban Salsa take on SMB3 ending theme ♡.♡

Nach's Drink for the Weekend!



So yeah I'm too busy today to make drinks =/ so why don't you have a beer on me ^.^ this is my choice for today =) what are your favorite beers?

With that said I'm off! Have a great weekend people ^.^

Need more entertainment for your weekend? Visit TAY Classic, to quench your craving for a strong cocktail beer (?)! Check out the Open Forum too, cause we talk just about anything, and Miss DamsonRhee has done an excellent job on them =). There's also the Off-TAYpic by the fabulous Sylverfyst.