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TAY Time Chat: It's Waifina's Birthday!

A bit later than usual but here I am... It’s TAY Time Chat! Wahay! Also go boot up your copy of FE Awakening...

Hey there TAY welcome back to TAY Time Chat... I know I have failed my duties as host but bleh, blame Kinja for messing up my previous post. Anyway how’s everyoen doin now that the weekend is over? I spent most of my two days playing Zelda II and I have to say... I’ really loving the game. Yes it looks like crap, and sounds like crap, and has some horrible design flaws, but the challenge and the level of satisfaction when conquering a temple makes up for it.


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Song of the Day

Shadow Link Battle (Temple from Zelda II) - The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

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