I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I’ve always been firm in my belief that if animals ever developed opposible thumbs and sentient intelligence, we’d all be fucked, but they haven’t so we’re safe. That doesn’t mean that sometimes I’m just amazed at their capabilities. Take that little guy up there for instance. Bright lights and screaming brats won’t stop him from getting some beauty sleep, and for that, I am eternally jealous.

Of course my fellow humans had to prove how questionable “higher” intelligence truly is by making obnoxious sounds at sleeping critters. Best part was when some girl, after two viewing platforms of no gorillas exclaimed “Oh my god seriously? I don’t see gorillas” in a tone that suggests said gorillas should be performing a song and dance just for her.


Here’s the link to all the pictures I took during the trip:

I can’t say they’re very good, but overall it was fun going to the zoo by myself and moving at my own pace. Sadly I don’t know if I’ll return as a combination of a new open carry law and some jackass lawyer has caused to zoo to be forced to end its ban on firearms on the property. Large crowds, screaming children, and wannabe texan gunslingers is not a combination I feel like being anywhere near.

Question of the Day: When is the last time you’ve been jealous of an animals ability?



Whens the last time a change made you stop going to someplace you previously enjoyed?


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