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TAY Time Chat: Kinja brain fart / TUT HAS A CAT ミ๏v๏彡

What's a brain fart? Not knowing the difference between Violet and Royal Blue!.... Hey~O! This is TAY Time Chat!

Hello my fellow friends! Welcome back to another super spectacular edition of TAY Time Chat! You know I was wondering the meaning of life... and after many hours of meditation, I finally came with an answer to mankind existence on Earth...


Wait I'm receiving some breaking news by my TTC correspondant AstroKid...

TUT GOT HIMSELF A CAT! My sources reveal that it's presumably a young short haired cat, 8 to 10 weeks old, race unknown...

Update! Image of the cat and it's owner! (^・o・^)ノ"


News Round Up!


Nach's Song of the Day

(,,◕ ⋏ ◕,,)

Woof... that was something else... never seen before in the history of TAY Time Chat! This proves even the slowest of days can turn around in just one minute, thanks to AstroKid for her hard work! Tomorrow it's IndigoAsh's turn to take care of the green turf here in TAY Time Chat! Bye!



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