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​TAY Time Chat - Konflicted Edition

As a lot of you know, a series that has a special place in the heart of many fighting game fans just released a new title today: Mortal Kombat X. I was tempted to buy the game at first, but considering how much I spent on games last month, I decided to hold off, despite how much I enjoyed the idea of Quitalities—a good answer to a problem fighting games have had for quite some time now.

I was reluctant about passing on the title, if anything. On one hand, I was happy that I was saving the money and not splurging it on something I didn't need, but on the other hand, I felt a little guilty that I was so happy with one of the features they made but still wasn't buying it.


And then I saw the "Easy Fatalities" DLC, which, while it wouldn't be a major issue in and of itself, kind of cancelled out the good vibes I was sending the title and made me not feel guilty about picking it up anymore.

It's strange that more and more people, myself included, are beginning to let DLC factor into their decisions to purchase a game—to the point where it's even being advertised before some of the games come out. But I guess it's just part of the gaming environment anymore.

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