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TAY Time Chat: Le Pomp Is Back

Hello everyone, welcome to another TAY Time Chat, the only place on the internet where it’s always 5 o’clock.

After four attempts I finally got hooked on Bravely Default. My first attempt died as soon as I got my hands on Code Name STEAM. May came and I told myself, “Alright, you’ll play this game when traveling to Denver”, instead I decided to play Layton vs Wright. When I returned from my trip I told myself (again), “Alright, Denver didn’t work but you’re going to have a lot of time between flights and the days before E3 starts!”... Nope.


So last week I found the game in my bag and decided to give it one more try. 14 hours later... I think I will finally finish it.

Also I need a haircut... my hair is more or less looking like a messier Ringabell =/

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Rental Car by Beck

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