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Graveyard Shift/TAY Time Chat: Let's Talk About Mediocre Games

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Bad games, sometimes we play them to have a good laugh, or because we find them amusing... heck some of us even have a guilty pleasure. Mine is playing Sonic games, I hate them, but for some reason I keep playing them. But there’s no bigger crime in this world than being mediocre, and mediocre games are like having Eggo’s for breakfast, they get the job done but surely you could have had something better with a little extra effort, like grabbing a bowl filling it up with cereal and adding milk. They’re both cheap but one is certainly better than the other.


Recently I started playing a 3DS game called Brave Tank Hero, and it is the perfect definition of being mediocre. The game plays alright, but it’s so forgettable... such a waste of effort, money and potential.

How about you TAY? Have you played any mediocre games recently?

Bits & Bobs

Tonight’s jam is a bit melancholic but at the same time a bit upbeat...

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