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Yo, what’s up TAY? Hope your Thursday went okay. Not quite sure how mine has panned out yet, it’s only two hours in so far! Yea, I’m up late again, just lost in random thoughts. I probably should be asleep... even promised LadyRer I wouldn’t stay up too late, but hey, here we are, and the TTC isn’t gonna write itself! Now then... what to discuss...

Wow I really haven’t been doing much gaming at all this week! I’ve got a few hours of Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam under my belt, and I’m really enjoying it thus far, but beyond the sparse Hearthstone game here and there that’s pretty much it. I swear I’m really trying to not discuss work again like last week guys.

Nor do I want to dwell on Anime too much, as that was the topic a few weeks ago. Ah well, screw it, let’s talk about some anime real fast.


The Heroic Legend of Arslan is literally Fire Emblem, The Anime, guys. It stars a rag-tag group of heroes from various parts of society overcoming tyranny and extreme adversity in the pursuit of the betterment of their home countries or man-kind. Honestly, it’s pretty good. I went in with some minor skepticism, and I’m not saying it’s a masterpiece, but if you’re into those kinds of games (Fire Emblem, Advanced Wars, perhaps the Total War series, etc.) then you might want to give a few episodes a shot. I’m looking forward to where they take things.

Likewise, after having run out of Arslan to watch at present, I’ve now turned my attention towards Fate/Zero. Juries still out, I’m only five episodes in, but a story of heroes from various time periods in man-kinds history being forced to fight to the death over the ability to grant themselves a wish is... well it’s certainly different!

Anyways, I don’t wanna dwell on things too much. This is another weird transition week for me as I figure things out, so let’s move on.


Question(s) of the Week:

You’re just hangin’ in your room. Nice and comfortable, thinkin’ about something. Whatcha thinkin’ about? What thoughts drift into your mind during a moment of calm reflection?

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