Good afternoon TAY! Welcome back to the post-St. Patrick’s Day TAY Time Chat. If you’re looking for a cure for the hangover, I’m afraid to inform you that you have reached the wrong chat...

HOOOOO BOY! What a week... turns out that I just got a new job on Monday, or should I say A JOB. Yup, for those who don’t know I’m just a filthy casual non-immigrant with a student visa. What does this mean? Well I have my work options quite limited.

That was until four days ago when I nailed a job interview and got hired by a consulting company here in Miami... the best part? I’m starting the paperwork to get a Work Visa!

But wait... there’s more! I don’t have to go to Miami, I can work from home and report to the office only once per week! There’s only one small aspect... for most part of this week I’ve felt like I am not the best person suited for this job. I’ve struggled a bit to get my footing and tango to the rhythm of this new lifestyle...



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