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TAY Time Chat: Man... I hope it's not as tragic as Airplane!

Hello Hello TAYter Tots and Tottetes! How's my favourite corner of this place we call the internet doing? I just finished my preparations for my trip tomorrow and now all I need to do is survive this night and get going to the airport as soon as I wake up tomorrow! Talking about airports... do you people have any fun games to play while waiting for your flight to depart? do you engage in conversations with strangers while in mid-flight or just look out the window minding your own business?

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Nach's Song of the Day!

Whipping Post by Florida native blues band The Allman Brothers

Well, I'm gonna go back to watch some more Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood... been loving every single minute of it (well maybe I'm exaggerating but it's been pretty good so far, I'm on the final act)... but hey pay a visit to Miss Damson in the improvised Open Forum, and check Sylverfist Off-TAYPic discussion in TAY Classic! Man Sylver don't do this to me again ;)... anyways you people should read UI's thoughts on Gatchaman Crowds, I know I will be watching some episodes on the plane tomorrow! By the way, TUT is back with Ten Random Questions ^.^

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