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TAY Time Chat: Missing

He was last seen on May 10th running amok TAY Classic, responds to the name of IndigoAsh, BattleBorn, and IrishFlowers. Please contact a TAY admin if you've seen his ugly mug :3

Hello there TAY, sorry for the late chat, been busy all day long, even managed to botch Word of the Day, although that one was on purpose just to bug DS :P (nah just kidding it was a silly mistake), so long weekend for us here in America. We all know TUT is going somewheresomewhere, what about my fellow TAY peeps, any plans or trips in the upcoming days? Also I was thinking of buying this refurbished Wii U... does anyone knows if it's a good idea? GBD? anyone? :)


News Round Up!

Songs of the Day

AIE Live at Jools Holand by SOIL&PIMP"SESSIONS"


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