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TAY Time Chat: Monday-Sunday

Monday Madness TAY! I've been super busy lately... and actually today is like my Sunday, maybe because I'm on spring break...

So I took some time for myself today and started browsing Netflix when I stumbled upon a quirky looking show, with Ellie Kemper none the less! Then I remember about this story about the "defunct" series that Tina Fey had pitched to NBC... and started to connect the dots. Turns out The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt made it, but not on the original medium it was expected.


Anyway the show is... pretty much 30 Rock but with a different set of characters, and setting, and... plot. But the formula to deliver the jokes is the same as 30 Rock. Honestly, I won't complain it's pretty much the best comedy I have seen since that cold night in January 31st.

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