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TAY Time Chat: More Like Sanic poop!

Hello there TAY, oh yes... it's time to rant a little in today's TTC!

I mentioned earlier today that I played the demo for Sonic Boom game, which if I recall correctly releases next week. Let me, ummm say that I had set my expectations super low, cause hey it's a Sonic game! But I never expected to be this bad. Here are just some of the few issues I had with the game:

  • The control scheme is simply wrong. The placement for the buttons and their respective actions are simply unintuitive.
  • Music and Sound effects are bland and... just bad. The grunts made by sonic are way too manly.
  • The game lacks identity. Just like the sound department, there's something off about the game and it's not the redesign of the characters.
  • You have four characters to control, yet all of them feel the same. Sonic is Sanic, but he doesn't feel faster than any of the other three characters. Tails cannot use his tail to hover, but at least he can use it to gain air time by using the Wind Turbines distributed by the level. The boomerang lady, has a boomerang. and Knuckles... I just don't know what's his special ability is.
  • The exploring levels play like a Metroidvania game, which should be a good thing, but honestly, they're not that great. They feel too long and there's nothing special about progressing through them. Like for example in a Castlevania you're encouraged to find new power ups, weapons and explore new areas with different atmosphere.

Honestly... I could go on and on, but I'm going to give the demo a second try... maybe I was just tired last night.

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