I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Tay Time Chat: Music Edition

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Hello good people of TAY, it is time for the Monday Time Chat, hosted by the ever so lovely Meathead.


With the unfortunate passing of David Bowie yesterday I feel as though it would be appropriate to talk about music today.

So to go along with current events, what is your favorite song of Bowie’s?

Or if you want to step away into a more positive space. What is your favorite band/artist(s), or song(s)?


To answer question #2, if I were to pick a favorite artist it’s going to be Utsu-P (that fun guy in the header) 95% of the time. My favorite song is much harder, today I would probably go with....The Poster Girl’s Prank, by Utsu-P, it has one of the best music videos ever.

For the afternoon jam today, I feel like the obligatory is needed.

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