It looks like a cheap knockoff, but it really is a TAY Time Chat Exclusive! Nintendo just sent me this new photograph of Reggie paying reverence to the fallen idol...

Good afternoon TAY, let's talk about something serious, video game depression... you know ever since I finished Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy... well getting hooked on another game has become an ordeal, I can play for 30 minutes and in some weird cases for an hour...but afterwards I just can't pick the controller again =/ Have you ever experienced this weird feeling?

News Round Up!

Nach's Album for the Weekend

A collection of live songs of the Layton Series ^^; as performed by the Professor Layton Grand Caravan Orchestra

After all, the adventure has just started for me...

Nach's Drink for the Weekend

The National Drink Beer Day was this Monday and Swan sent me an article with the 10 best beers you've never heard of, so in honour of the aforementioned day... I'm going to search for at least one of the beers mentioned...


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