I'm really feeling it!

The last seven days have been full of classic Nach moments. I’ve been helping the school of Marketing host a series of events in the past few weeks. From hosting to taking charge of various twitter accounts, I’ve been all over the place and all over Miami.

On each of my roles there were moments where I would get bored of my role and decided to get a little mischievous. You know just for fun. I’m pretty sure I crossed the line between having fun and being a complete douche more than once...


Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that I’m sorry to all of you who I made you feel uncomfortable or inferior D: (even if you’re not reading this).

Switching to a more serious note. Salvie-kun has left us and the Monday spot is available, hit me up with a message or a tweet to let me know if you’re interested in taking Monday’s TTC.

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Have a great weekend and be safe, you donks!

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