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TAY Time Chat - New Couch is In

I had a lot of things I had planned to do today. I was going to try to get a walk-in appointment to get my hair done, I was going to go over to the University and pick up textbooks, I was going to try to pick up some food for the pets, and I was going to go rewrite a whole bunch of old copy-paste responses for an internship I have starting again next week. Sadly, I only got one of these done (the last one) because I found out that my couch was supposed to get dropped off today.

After about two months of being at the reupholstering place, it was finally ready to be delivered. Today. And I learned this at 10am. In all fairness, I suppose I could have just told them that today was a really bad day for me, but given the amount of time it took for them to even get it back to me, I wasn’t entirely sure I wanted to say, “Oh, yeah, keep it for a bit longer,” you know?


Anyway, my day was mostly spent waiting for people and doing really boring text jobs. And hanging out with Ein. Glob knows he loves the attention. I guess it’s early enough that I could just run to the gym for an hour and then go try to grab the pet stuff. Not all is lost.

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