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TAY Time Chat: New Years Eve Edition

Yo! I got both EVE Editions (last week being Christmas Eve). I think this calls for a header image of SPACESHIPS. Anyways TAY, while you’re reading this I’ll actually be somewhat busy watching spaceships do battle in Star Wars: The Force Awakens again, but this time with my dad.

I’ve been looking forward to this for awhile, because my dad is the individual who got me into Star Wars in the first place, and also took me to see Episodes I and II in theaters way back in the day. (At the time, it was cool.) Anyways, now I’m finally able to repay the favor by taking him to Episode VII, so I’m pretty stoked to see his reactions to the various nostalgia moments and plot movements. It should be a good time.


Speaking of a good time, I’ve just recently gotten into Puzzle and Dragons for the first time. I was playing it on my iPhone initially, but then I realized that it was dumb to be playing a game that clearly incentives pay-walls for fun stuff in comparison to just paying $30 for Puzzle and Dragons Z + Super Mario Bros. Edition. With that said, holy shit, the Super Mario Bros. Edition is HARD. The very first World Boss forced me to use all of my 1UPs, and even then I barely survived.

It’s interesting though, because I figured I’d be enjoying Puzzle and Dragons Z more, given it’s heavier on the RPG aspect of the game... but I’m not sure I actually do. The story is awful, like a deus ex machina out of the sky in the first 15 minutes of the game awful. There’s multiple plot dumps that just get in the way of enjoying game-play, and I’m therefore not invested in the world. Meanwhile, Mario’s version has a strong difficultly rating, and very minimal plot exposition that interrupts game-play. I think this is one of the few times I can honestly saw I prefer the RPG-light version of a game. Plus, you know, Mario music and sound effects!


Question of the Week:

Are there any series that have come up that you thought you were going to really enjoy, but instead another game just surprisingly overtook it? Most anticipated game of 2016? Think it’s going to pan out? I’ll respond when I get back from the movies!


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